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An exploration of therapeutic approaches used by occupational therapists and physiotherapists from different cultures when working with children with cerebral palsy

Purpose: A study to explore what interventions clinicians from different disciplines use with school-aged children with CP would be useful to help understand similarities and differences in professional support for this population. Furthermore, it would be beneficial to understand whether exposure to different interventions through education, training and cultures, may result in clinicians from different countries using different types of intervention approaches.

Procedure for completing the survey: The information sheet as well as the anonymous online questionnaire will be sent through a link to therapist associations in different countries such as the Royal College of Occupational Therapist in the UK, and the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapist. The purpose of this study will be listed in the information sheet and the first page of the questionnaire. By clicking on the continue button on the first page of the questionnaire will mean they have understood the study and give consent for the researcher to use and analyse the data they have given.

How anonymity of data will be ensured: This study includes an anonymous online questionnaire where none of your personal details would be collected. All information which is collected from you during the study would be kept strictly confidential. They will be destroyed by 1/9/2021; in the case that findings are deemed worthy of publication, data will be transferred to the project supervisor and to be retained in accordance with the University’s policy of Academic Integrity and kept securely in paper or electronic form for a period of ten years after the completion of a research project.

Deadline for completion/closure of survey: 30st April 2021

Link to the survey: https://forms.gle/sKoKK55JWhtxt1sr7