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Experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapists

- The Occupational therapist would be expected to provide appropriate therapies for our clients who range from young children (as young as age 2) to adolescents and who have been diagnosed with various disorders and exhibiting OT needs.

- We expect that the Occupational therapist would have experience administering common assessment tools such as the BOT-2, PDMS-2, M-FUN, DTVP-3, DeGangi-Berk Test of Sensory Integration, SPM, SPM-P, Sensory Profile, and the DASH. (or that they would be willing to learn how to administer these tools)

- Our Occupational therapists are expected to write test reports based on the assessments. At times, these reports are for children and adolescents with pure OT needs, but it is more often the case that they are part of a larger more comprehensive autism spectrum evaluation or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder evaluation, or a developmental assessment.

- Our Occupational therapists are expected to discuss the child’s progress with the parents briefly after each session (usually 40 minutes of treatment with the child followed by 10 minutes of feedback with the parents) and are expected to document progress in daily progress notes that are uploaded into our protected site.

- In addition to daily progress notes, our Occupational therapists are expected to generate treatment summaries (usually short and succinct) for the insurance companies that ask for them.

- Our Occupational therapists are expected to work well with the multidisciplinary team by participating in weekly case meetings with our psychology staff and speech/language pathology staff and the other Occupational therapists, and also by providing verbal feedback on shared cases as needed.

- Our occupational therapists might be asked to participate in group therapy sessions with other speech therapists or psychologists.

- Our Occupational therapist might be asked to run one or two group therapy sessions per week when deemed necessary.

Requirements: Master's degree in Occupational Therapy/ Relevant License/One (1) year recent related clinical experience preferred