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Individual perceptions of containment in Europe Spring 2020 - EU respondents only

Title: Occupational participation depending on age during COVID-19 lockdown in Europe (spring 2020): a descriptive study.


  • Purpose: to describe occupational participation and its determinants - especially age - during COVID’s containment in Europe during spring 2020
  • procedure for completing the survey: online survey only, on SurveyMonkey; one link per language (6 languages available) – about 10 min to complete
  • how anonymity of data will be ensured: anonymous questionnaire, no personal data included, “anonymous” option of Survey Monkey added so that it will not collect IP addresses.
  • deadline for completion/closure of survey: end of containment
  • Responses from people residing in Europe only are asked to participate

Links to the survey: in English, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands, Español, Italian are available here