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Recommendations of good practices for the prevention of aspiration pneumonia in older adults at risk of oropharyngeal dysphagia


The aim of this Delphi study is to develop good practice recommendations for the prevention of aspiration pneumonia in nursing homes. This survey is the second phase of the development process of the good practice recommendations. The statements that will be presented in the survey resulted from a systematic review of international guidelines from different relevant entities and published systematic reviews about the explored themes. The recommendations resulting from the Delphi study will be the basis of a capacitation course for nursing home staff, whose impact will be assessed in a following phase of the project.

Procedure for completing the survey:

Professionals interested in participating should contact Joana Santos (santosjoana@ua.pt) so that a link to the survey can be sent.

How anonymity of data will be ensured:

At no point in the questionnaire will identification data of the participants be requested. The email contact will only be used to provide links to the Delphi study rounds.

The ratings and comments will be analysed by the research team and fed back to all group members in the following rounds anonymously.

Deadline for completion/closure of survey:

The Delphi study starts in November 2022 and the first-round link will be available until 4th December, 2022.