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The Tailored Activity Program (TAP)

Introducing TAP at Drexel

The Tailored Activity Program (TAP)

Training in an evidence-based program for occupational therapists and health professionals (in consultation with OTs) that improves quality of life of people living with dementia and care partners.

Course price

$1,595*— Includes six learning modules, a 2-hour virtual training, up to three coaching calls, access to treatment manual, documentation binder, worksheets, and a two-year licensing agreement.

Price varies by country and the number of persons enrolling. Please contact us for a cost estimate if you are seeking group training (five or more), not an occupational therapist, part of an OTD or other doctoral level program, or reside in a country outside of the USA.

Course duration:

  • Six 50-minute online learning modules
  • Access to treatment manual, documentation binder, worksheets, forms, and select articles
  • A 2-hour (virtual) webinar training
  • Up to three coaching calls
  • Review of pre and post brief videos of activity engagement, and activity prescriptions for up to three cases
  • Access to a chat room to share and problem solve cases

The program is currently in use throughout the United States and in other countries including Brazil, Scotland, Russia, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, and Chile.

Learn More: Online.Drexel.Edu/TAP