Leadership and Advocacy Strategy Tools

Occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants and students are frequently called upon to take action to influence change to support individual- and population-based occupational participation and to advocate for the profession as part of a solution for a more inclusive and sustainable society.

Effective actions to influence change require knowledge about the change management process, skills to communicate your messages and strategy to determine when and how your efforts can be successful. Tools available from WFOT to assist with leadership and advocacy include:

WFOT Advocacy Toolkit

  • Description of the advocacy process and considerations for your advocacy strategy
  • Advocacy letter samples and templates

Innovative Change Agency Narratives

Narratives that describe occupational therapy initiatives for influencing change, with an emphasis on analysing lessons learned.

WFOT Position Statements

  • Statements developed by WFOT on a broad range of topics to inform and offer support for messages included in your change strategy

WFOT Public Statements

  • Statements that provide the WFOT perspective for significant topical issues of relevance to the occupational therapy profession

Writing Press Releases

  • Tips to help you write effective messages for the media

About Occupational Therapy

  • WFOT description of occupational therapy and guiding principles for the profession