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We are a global community of occupational therapists seeking to improve their practice, its recognition on an international level, and its understanding in world health and wellbeing. Join us.


  • Support strategic international representation at key stakeholder events to progress, lobby and influence the importance and relevance of the occupational therapy profession at a global level.
  • Gain access to the exclusive Members Only part of the WFOT website. Imperative if you want to download the latest documents, guidance and materials produced by WFOT.
  • Receive generous discounts on products offered for sale in WFOT’s Online Store – Individual Members can save up to 50% on advertised prices.
  • Download the latest free publications and promotional materials up to 12 months in advance of them being released as public access.
  • Access the Occupational Therapy International Online Network (OTION) and closed forums via
  • Receive online access to the twice-yearly issues of WFOT’s international professional journal WFOT Bulletin.
  • Access previously published editions of the WFOT Bulletin dating back to 1979.
  • Receive WFOT’s e-newsletter, published quarterly and sent direct to your inbox once you have registered on the WFOT website.
  • Receive 20% discount on all books produced by Wiley publishing.
  • Apply for WFOT’s Thelma Cardwell Foundation Award for Research.

How to join WFOT?

To join WFOT as an Individual Member please contact your national occupational therapy association, who will process your application and payment.

A list of WFOT Member Organisations is located via this link.

If you were educated in a country that is different to the one you are currently working in, it should still be possible for you to become an Individual Member of WFOT. Either contact the national association of the country you are currently working in or the national association of the country that you were educated in.

If you have not graduated from a WFOT approved education programme, please encourage your institution to undertake the process of recognition that your national association has established.

Your opinions and ideas will be welcome as will your energy when you become a member of WFOT.

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