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News from Member Organisations December 2020 - Australia

OT Week 2020 in Australia

Last year in Australia we reflected on and highlighted how occupational therapists work to support all people to engage in activities they find meaningful. Through the hashtag #ThisIsOT, people shared stories from their occupational therapy journey, learnings to offer, team photos, information on their practice area, and why they love OT.

In 2020, given the onset of droughts, bushfires, and the global pandemic, our OT Week theme was: Resilience: Supporting our communities to rebuild, recover, and reengage. In supporting people to participate in activities they find meaningful, occupational therapists are vital in helping our communities through disaster recovery.


This year the event not only shined a spotlight on the value of occupational therapy in our communities, but also served as a call to arms to support those hardest hit.

Online Panel and Discussion Event

On 27 October (World OT Day) Occupational Therapy Australia hosted an interactive online event, featuring a selection of thought leaders (Professor Lisa Gibbs, Dr Leanne Beagley and Dr Samantha Ashby) to discuss and promote resilience in our communities.

The panel was then followed by breakout discussion sessions where OTs across Australia connected and discussed the concepts raised in the panel. Questions explored in the sessions included:

  • What strategies or resources have you or your team used this year to build or maintain resilience?
  • Have you experienced any key changes in the way your clients or communities have wanted to engage during this time?
  • What interventions have you found successful to use with your clients to build resilience?
  • How have you balanced maintaining your own resilience in the last year when also trying to support others to reengage?

Thank you to everyone who participated in the morning and afternoon live discussion sessions.

Samantha Hunter

Occupational Therapy Australia CEO