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News from Member Organisations December 2020 - Canada

CAOT welcomes President Giovanna Boniface, MRSc., OT, CCLCP.

As of October 1, 2020, Giovanna Boniface is President and Chair of the CAOT Board of Directors, serving a two-year term. In her 24 years as an occupational therapist, Giovanna has developed and held leadership positions regionally and nationally and, as a life-long learner, has added achievements including a Masters of Rehabilitation Science (2018) and a Certified Life Care Planner (2012). Giovanna currently works for the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada as the Vice President of Corporate Affairs.

Pathways to resilience: Strategies for a world in upheaval‘

Free access to this highly acclaimed webinar series has been extended until December 31, 2020. Renowned occupational therapist, activist and thinker, Rachel Thibeault, has gifted our profession with a five-module webinar series looking at resilience, with the aim to offer tools that will allow us to better cope with the hardship inherent to life. A valued resource for those going through rough times and those providing support. The series is recorded in both English and French and access is through the COVID-19 resource page on www.caot.ca\covid19.

Mobilizing occupation for social transformation: Radical resistance, disruption and re-configuration’.

The 2020 Muriel Driver Memorial Lecture (MDL) was presented virtually on October 29th, as part of occupational therapy month celebrations in Canada. The 2019 Muriel Driver Memorial Lectureship Award recipient, Dr Deborah Laliberte Rudman, shared her scholarly work on mobilizing occupation for social transformation, as an opportunity to reflect on the current and future state of the profession, the way it is practised and the way it could be practised. The Muriel Driver award is CAOT’s most prestigious honour, recognizing the outstanding contribution of an individual from within the profession in the fields of research, teaching and practice of occupational therapy.

Services for people on the autism spectrum disorder across Canada: Initial step to mapping a shared voice.

CAOT’s latest Professional Issue Forum (PIF) report is now available at www.caot.ca. At CAOT Virtual 2020, panellists Michèle Hébert, Louise Burridge and Jonathan Lai explored the topic of autism and the strategic opportunity for occupational therapists. At least 1 in 66 children in Canada from ages five to 17 years is diagnosed with autism (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2018). At 18 or 19 years of age, children and families lose their pediatric care providers as the majority of programs target the early childhood and school-age phases. The PIF objective of co-creating a shared occupational therapy vision over the next five years focussed on four audiences: occupational therapists, people with autism, colleagues in other health professions, and policy makers. The presenter slides are embedded in the document.

CORECOM, October 2020 project update available.

CORECOM is a national collaborative initiative to develop a single competency document that will outline entry to practice competencies and describe competencies used throughout occupational therapy practice in Canada. CAOT is one of the tripartite steering committee members. The French-language equivalent is CANCOM, un document de compétences unique pour les ergothérapeutes au Canada.