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News from Member Organisations September 2020 - Argentina

March 30th

The open class that will be offered by Dr. Hugo Cohen, which will be broadcast live on YouTube, organized by the Extension Secretariat of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNR. Dr. Cohen is an active member of the PAHO / WHO disaster intervention team for the Americas. In the class he will try to convey certain guidelines necessary for critical situations and how to act on them as health professionals.


March 30th

"Contributions of Occupational Therapy and Ergonomics to telework, home office, remote work". We disseminate material contributed by the colleague and member of the AATO, Lic. Hernán Laglaive. Important contribution by virtue of the labor modifications regarding the quarantine by COVID 19.


March, 31st

We officially announce that the National University of Villa María UNVM has its program approved and recognized by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists WOFT between the years 2019 and 2026. We thank Mariana Flores for the efforts of the UNVM, and Verónica Williams, from the team AATO-WFOT. Congratulations!


April 7th

The AATO continues to work to find viable alternatives to continue the treatment of people who require the services of occupational therapists. Faced with the mandatory compliance standards of social isolation, a group of occupational therapists, through the one convened by AATO, began to work on different axes to prepare documents and guidelines for care under these conditions and the effects it produces on the routines and habits of the population at risk and health professionals



April 22nd

"Occupational Therapy, Work and Disability", Down Syndrome Association of the Argentine Republic (ASDRA). Aimed at occupational therapy professionals and students and interested people. Inclusion process in the open labor market; Role of technical support in the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.


April 23rd

With great joy, we share the launch of the Our Decision application. It was developed by the Network for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (REDI) and FUSA Civil Association and is available on Google Play. It is the first digital tool of this type in Argentina to be developed based on an intersectional conception that combines gender and disability perspectives. The application contains information on sexual and reproductive rights in simple and accessible language; provides data on places of care in sexual and reproductive health issues; It includes various tools that allow the user to obtain official information on health issues, such as COVID-19, request assistance in cases of gender-based violence, and report situations of denial or violation of sexual and reproductive rights.


April 30th

We present to you the group that is writing the Positioning Statement on Telework in Occupational Therapy. With much commitment and dedication they come together every Thursday at 8am.


May 7th

On this day we have carried out the first formal meeting with colleagues from our AATO subsidiaries. The following were present: AATO Branch Tierra del Fuego, La Pampa, Río Negro and Salta. We celebrate with joy that more Occupational Therapists have a representation union that works for the professional exercise and the defense of the labor conditions of its affiliates.


May 8th

Thanks to Dra Liliana Fontán and the colleagues who participated in the Conversation: Disability and Social Work in the covid-19 era!


May 14th

We continue to work! Impact of preventive and compulsory social isolation by Covid-19 on users and their coexistence group. Melisa Burin, Marcela Battaglia, Gabriela Perretti, Evelin Pozzi, Adriana García, Ma. Eugenia Bonesi.


May 20th

We are grateful for the invitation to the Chilean College of Occupational Therapists who, together with the College of Speech Pathologists of that country, propose to dialogue about remote care with adults in Occupational Therapy. We will be represented by Lic Agostina Ciampa, member of the Board of Directors (CD) and of the AATO-WFOT chapter; Lic Diana Muras, member of the Board of Directors (CD) and of the Gerontology Chapter.


Webinar "Occupational Therapy clinical sessions: care of children and adolescents in oncological health and palliative care. Facilitator: Silvina Oudshoorn.


May 28th

Presentation of the AATO Positioning Declaration on Telework in Occupational Therapy. Through a live video on facebook.


June 27th

"Meetings with the Authors". The library chapter AATO invites you to participate in a virtual space that brings the community closer to national authors and authors of books and/or researchers of Occupational Therapy.

First meeting: History of Occupational Therapy in Argentina.

Guests: Mariela Nabergoi, Daniela Testa and Norma Diaz.