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Global Occupational Therapist Survey - Wheeled and Seated Mobility Devices

WFOT is inviting occupational therapists involved with providing wheeled and seated mobility devices to participate in a global survey. The World Health Organization recognises the important role of assistive technology such as wheelchairs and other mobility and seated devices in improving health. Unfortunately, of the 70 million people worldwide who require wheelchairs, only 5-15% of people have access to needed products. Please complete the WFOT online survey in English, French, German or Spanish to help us learn more about how occupational therapy can contribute to a goal of improving access to high quality, affordable wheeled and seated mobility devices across the world. Responses are requested prior to December 15, 2021.

English: https://wfot.link/wsmd-ot-en

French: https://wfot.link/wsmd-ot-fr

German: https://wfot.link/wsmd-ot-de

Spanish: https://wfot.link/wsmd-ot-es