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News from Member Organisations December 2021 - Rwanda

RWOTA Activities Achieved 2021

  • We have been able to review the RWOTA statute and develop a bye- laws document.
  • In collaboration with Humanity &Inclusion RWOTA have been able to do research under the title: Stakeholders Contribution in the Development of Occupational Therapy Profession and Impact of the Profession in Rwanda (September 2021). This is still in progress for reviewers and after we go to the next step for publication.
  • RWOTA have been able to develop a research project under the title of: Impact of specific e-therapy application in advancing occupational therapy intervention in low resourced country. Case study of Rwanda (June 2021). This is under review in WFOT Bulletin for publication.

The activity of rising awareness to the profession at the Ministry of Health level brings RWOTA positive results as follow:

  • Occupational therapist are going to be deployed in different health care facilities.
  • RWOTA participated on A Systematic Assessment of Rehabilitation Situation in Republic of Rwanda (STARS) January 2021.
  • Development of Occupational therapy scope of practice submitted to the MoH.
  • The University of Rwanda (UR-CMHS/ Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Engineering (CEBE) in collaboration with JAMK Institute of Rehabilitation (the University of Applied Sciences –Finland). RWOTA have been invited to participate in a workshop on introduction of digital rehabilitation November 2021.
  • Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) in collaboration with Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) have organized consultative workshop on the development of the national Priority Assistive Products List (APL) in Rwanda were RWOTA was invited to be part of the development of the document list November 2021.
  • MoH in collaboration with WHO and in partnership with ICRC organized a 3days workshop to develop a national rehabilitation strategy in target to improve the rehab services to the population, RWOTA is invited in that development.
  • RWOTA in collaboration with Humanity &inclusion - we organised a 2 day workshop with the aim of advancing the knowledge of clinicians in splinting and assistive device fabrication. (September 2021).

Other news from the Rwanda Occupational Therapy Association

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