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News from Member Organisations June 2021 - Austria

Ensure quality in Austrian occupational therapy practice settings: The Austrian Association of Occupational Therapists (Ergotherapie Austria) launched a workshop for their members. The online course offered an introduction to the Quality Evaluation Strategy Tool (QUEST) established by the WFOT. The course comprised four modules which lasted 1.5 hours each. Participants acquired skills in theory and practical use of the QUEST framework. The four modules covered background and components of the QUEST. Occupational therapists had the chance to apply the QUEST in a safe learning environment. Practical exercises supported the participants in their understanding of the QUEST core indicators and the development and evaluation of smart indicators. We are pleased that this workshop has been a success and are eager to offer Austrian occupational therapists more information and opportunities to engage with quality evaluation in the future.

Quality certification: In cooperation with the WFOT working group Austria plans to establish a QUEST certificate for occupational therapists. The guidelines for achieving this certificate will be developed in the next months. This certificate is a great opportunity to ensure and advocate for high quality standards in occupational therapy.