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News from Member Organisations June 2021 - Switzerland


New managing director for the Swiss OT Association:

Claudia Galli

Claudia Galli

We are delighted to introduce Claudia Galli, our new managing director who will start in July. And yes, this is a different Claudia Galli then the colleague with the same name that was president of our association for many years.

The Swiss Association topic for this year is:


”Same – but different” Diversity in occupational therapy

This year the Swiss OT Association have decided to focus on Diversity, to ensure that we actively reflect on our work as an occupational therapist. The aim is to raise awareness of the various aspects of diversity in the form of articles, discussing the topic in interviews and podcasts. In addition a workshop on diversity was carried out with occupational therapist.

Covid 19 News:

The cost for outpatients treatment via telemedicine has been extended by the government and the insurances associations until the 30th June 2021.

5th Winterthur Occupational Therapy Summit:

A multifaceted online Occupational Therapy Summit was held on the 6th March 2021. The 5th Winterthur Ergo Summit revolved around the theme "Decide boldly, act courageously". Around 90 participants followed the diverse presentations online and took part in discussions in "rope teams". The topics included what success has to do with failure and how men and women can find their way to happiness.

The Swiss delegates of the WFOT held a short presentation about the latest news from the world federation and introduced the global Narrative Project and how it works. Afterwards there was time for discussion and exchange.

Tanya Zimmermann, 2nd Alternate Delegate 19. Mai 2021, Dulliken / Switzerland