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News from Member Organisations June 2022 - Canada

WFOT Newsletter: May 2022

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

News from Member Organisations June 2022 – Canada


Successful CAOT Conference 2022: Hybrid in Whistler

CAOT was pleased to host WFOT’s leadership team – President Samantha Shann and Executive Director Ritchard Ledgerd – as well as Andrew Freeman, WFOT’s Program Coordinator for Practice, at its 2022 Conference: Hybrid from May 4-7. More than 580 in-person and virtual attendees joined the successful event in Whistler, British Columbia, which featured 200+ sessions on a wide range of topics and many networking opportunities, including the launch of the following three achievements.

Next Version of Enabling Occupation Series Now Available


The next edition of the Enabling Occupation series is now available for sale in both English and French. Published by CAOT, the book was developed by co-editors Drs Mary Egan and Gayle Restall, along with 40 authors, an advisory panel consisting of Canadian and international occupational therapists, and members of the public. Entitled Promoting Occupational Participation: Collaborative Relationship-Focused Occupational Therapy / L’ergothérapie axée sur les relations collaboratives pour promouvoir la participation occupationnelle, this innovative book features the new Canadian Model of Occupational Participation and the Canadian Occupational Therapy Inter-Relational Practice Process Framework, which build on past concepts and processes to celebrate the strengths, knowledge, talents, and capacities of individuals and collectives, along with a wealth of resources from multiple worldviews.

A Forward-Thinking Vision for OTs in Primary Care


As an international leader in primary care occupational therapy, Canada has occupational therapists working in team-based primary care models and researchers building evidence in the field. CAOT released a vision document called “Occupational Therapy in Primary Care: A Vision for the Path Forward” that describes the future of the role of occupational therapy in primary care. Created in partnership with CAOT and a group of occupational therapists from across the country, their vision is that all Canadians have direct and first access to occupational therapists through primary care teams. OTs would serve as generalists and provide comprehensive services across all ages and diagnoses, with the potential to support individual, family, and community participation over their lifespan. Occupational Therapy in Primary Care: A Vision for the Path Forward can also be viewed in French.


New Economic Evidence Clearinghouse Now Live

CAOT launched its new online Economic Evidence Clearinghouse (EEC) to provide the occupational therapy profession with practical resources that demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of investing in occupational therapy solutions. The goal of the EEC is to build collective capacity in the profession over time, using a broad approach that involves all appropriate stakeholders and policy makers within and outside the profession. The Economic Evidence Clearinghouse is also available in French.