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News from Member Organisations March 2022 - Argentina


Diagnostic image interpretation course!!! For the third consecutive year. Thanks to the attendees!!!




August 30th


August 31th

AATO, we grow up together!


September 1st


September 1st


The law 15.200 of professional practice of Occupational Therapy in the Buenos Aires province, published in the oficial newsletter (View here - Available in spanish) on November 6, 2022, create the professional college of the discipline. To constitute it, the electoral process organized by a provisional electoral board conformed in accordance with the law, must be performed.

For this, the board must create an electoral register, in which the occupational therapists who practice in the territory of the Buenos Aires province must be registered - (Please use this link - Available in spanish).

It must be attached in PDF, a foto (type 4X4), DNI front and back and photocopy of legalized title, we suggest having it prepared from the device used.

Thank you so much!


September 6th

Congratulations Colleagues from Jujuy!!!

You have obtained the promulgation of your Provincial Law of professional practice adhering to the national law!!



September 10th

We celebrate our day with each goal achieved for all and each of the more than 12,000 professionals throughout the country. We celebrate with joy having hundreds of students who are trained in one of the 20 Universities. We celebrate RENATO, a network of organizations of professionals that link and support mutual and diverse projects.

We celebrate an Occupational Therapy Careers Council, collaborative work and common goals.

We celebrate the rights acquired in the struggle for the defense of professional practice … our afilliates of Salta, La pampa, Tierra del fuego, Río Negro y Formosa who alow us to join forces and protect the achived rights … And above all, to celebrate the passion for this profession that is consolidated in each daily action of the group.

Happy day!

September 27th

ATTENTION! Nacional production! We hope for your collaboration!

Library chapter




October 3rd

On Thursday September 31st,the chapter of OT in the school environment shared a meeting with students from the subject of Professional Practice I. It was a reflective experience about the role of OT in this area, very enriching!

¡We continue creating community!



October 6th

In November, CLATO is preparing the Latin American and Caribbean Meet of knowledge. Follow the social network of CLARO.

Knowledge meet and Meeting of Academies and Schools of Occupational Therapy; free activity for our associates. November 17, 18, 19.



October 9th

From the palliative care chapter of the Argentine Association of Occupational Therapists we celebrate the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, emphasizing the need for equitable access to such care.



October 10th

On October 10, World Mental Health Day is commemorated with the purpose of becoming aware about this problem and eradicating myths about it. The date was established by the World Organization of Health, together with the World Federation for Mental Health since 1995.


“¿How we can contribute, from Occupational Therapy, to people with obesity?

We read you!



October, 23

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the AATO called colleagues to study, reflect and analyze the impact of the preventive and mandatory social isolation in the daily lives and occupations of people and communities. This october 27 at 19:30 in commemoration of World Occupational Therapy Day we present … #AATOcrecemosjunTOs

October, 13

Happy days colleagues from Brazil!!


October, 23

We shared part of what was our 2nd conversatory of today! Was a pleasure to have wonderful colleagues who could tell us about their work with older people. It was very dynamic and with a lot of convocatory. We sincerely appreciate the predisposition of our speakers, Sandra C. Clariá, María Laura Finauri, María Pía Saure, Mónica Schwartz, Evangelina Blanco, Sabrina P. Tiseira y Diana Muras. Also thanks to AATO for the support in this management and to everyone who participates in this space.

To continue conquering spaces from Occupational Therapy.


December, 3


December, 12


December, 16

The national network collective of OT presented today the RENATO actions realized during the year 2021 and the national occupational therapy nomenclature, a product of the consensual work of the organizations of OT. The presentation is available on youtube.


January, 14


January, 24

From AATO, the chapter of OT in the school environment, annually organizes a meeting of professionals of Occupational Therapy to spread about the work in educational contexts. You can watch from our Youtube channel