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News from Member Organisations March 2022 - United Kingdom

Stepping up at RCOT

These are exciting times at RCOT, and in January 2022 we introduced our new brand, along with our new strategy and values to the world.

We’re building strong foundations to enable RCOT to grow understanding and enhance the profile of our profession, attract more people to choose to work in it, and ultimately help more people throughout society get the life-changing occupational therapy they need. As we enter this exciting new era together, I’m delighted to share RCOT’s new strategy, values and brand with you...

Let’s start with our vision. At RCOT, everything we do is so that one day people everywhere value the life-changing power of occupational therapy. Our vision purposefully focuses on our wider impact on society – enhancing our profession’s profile and positioning the role of occupational therapy for the future.

To reach our ambitious goals we must improve and change how we work to become a more forward-looking organisation. We will boldly lead the profession forward with a stronger voice than ever before. We will be the advocate and champion that occupational therapists deserve, sharing and celebrating the life-changing outcomes they help to achieve for people and society. We will be proudly inclusive – welcoming and supporting new generations of occupational therapists to join the profession so we reflect the diverse society that we represent and work with.

To support us in reaching our vision, we’ve created new organisational values that define how we’ll act and make decisions at RCOT. Our values will drive us as we make an impact through meaningful differences with our work, challenge ourselves to find new or better ways to make things happen, elevate others to be and do their best, and respect each other.

Our new five-year strategy details what we will do to make our vision a reality. It will help guide us in our efforts to reach more people and create wider positive impacts. We took a collaborative approach to create it, involving occupational therapists, members, colleagues and senior allied health profession leaders to determine how to focus our time and energy to make the biggest differences.

From 2022 to 2026, we will…

Rise Up

We will rise up to be bold, progressive advocates and champions – raising our profile and voice so that more people understand the power of what occupational therapists do.

Open Up

We will open up to new opportunities and people – joining forces, forming alliances, and getting more people to see occupational therapy as the solution to their needs.

Lift Up

We will lift up every occupational therapist and support them to be the best they can be throughout their entire career – by offering them the best community, resources and tools that help them to succeed.

Build Up

We will build up our organisation and culture to be dynamic, high performing and values led – using insights and data to inform and drive us to achieve our purpose.

For the next five years, we will focus on areas where we can make the biggest impact, based on our strengths, our members’ needs and the greatest opportunities for us to support occupational therapy and therapists across the UK. We have developed a performance framework to measure progress against the strategy, and we have a detailed plan to deliver on our immediate priorities.

Our new brand also signals a major change for us. To develop our new brand, we consulted a wide range of people – our members, colleagues and other key groups we work with. We heard how we needed to change so we could reach our goals to position the profession for the 21st century, enhance the profile of the profession and ensure we were a thriving membership organisation.

In the past, we’ve perhaps shied away from explaining why occupational therapy is different, but today we’re prouder than ever of the way we change lives by doing. We’re putting occupation at the heart of our brand to help it be better understood and show the pride in our profession that our members expect to see from us. We will be able to demonstrate how we help people achieve breakthroughs – overcoming whatever’s holding them back. Like occupation itself, it’s all encompassing, transformative and powerful.

With inclusivity also at its heart, we believe our brand captures the positive, dynamic and deeply human spirit of occupational therapy. It is a strategic shift that reflects our changing priorities and will be evident in everything from how we look to how we communicate.

Everyone at RCOT is looking forward to making change happen and showing the world how we help people across society to live their best life at home, at work and everywhere else.

To find out more, visit our website.

Steve Ford, Chief Executive, RCOT