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News from Member Organisations September 2022 - Germany

New development in Germany:

Germany demands full academization of therapy professions at political level

Currently, Occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy are on a Diploma entry level. The Alliance of Therapy Professions has launched a joint online petition calling for university-based education as a standard of the therapy professions.

Occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy have proven especially in pandemic times that they are an essential part of health care. Despite all the efforts of the DVE (German Association of Occupational Therapy), German politics prevent anchoring of the therapeutic professions at academic level. The legislative gridlock and patchwork of the last years does not only endanger the future of the therapeutic professions but also jeopardize the health care of all those who will need to seek therapeutic help in the future.

With a broad-based public relations campaign, the Alliance of Therapy Professions spreads its messages on all levels to find supporters for the petition. With this petition, the German health minister Professor Lauterbach is requested to reform the professional laws for occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy.

Voices from abroad are also very valuable in sending a signal to the German government. That is why we ask you and your fellow occupational therapists to actively participate in this campaign and sign the petition.

So far, more than 13,000 signatures have been collected - and more are to come!

Sign either here or scan the provided QR-Code

Thank you for your support!