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News from Member Organisations September 2022 - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka September 2022

The first ever BSc in Occupational Therapy, a 4-year degree program in a state university was inaugurated on 15th June 2022 at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

The Welcome Ceremony was held at the main auditorium, faculty of Medicine, Ragama in the presence of Prof. Janaki Hewavisenthi, the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Madawa Chandrathilake, the Head of the Medical Education Centre, Dr. Dinushee Athapaththu Bakmeewawa, the Head of the Department of Disability Studies, Prof. Smanamalee Kularathne, Clinical Head of the DDS, Mrs. Nandani Samaranayake Yapa, former Principal of the School of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy, Mr. Chandana Perera, the President SLSOT, Mr. N. Thileepan, Secretory SLSOT and Visiting lecturer, Dr. Nandana Welage, Mrs. Nadeesha Adikari, the permanent academic staff, Mrs. Wasana Dahanayake, Mrs. Thakshila Senevirathne, Mr. Ashoka Sanjeewa, Mr. Prasanna Dissanayake and Mrs. Nimali Aluthwaththa OT Visiting lecturers, Speech therapy and Audiology academic staff, non-academic staff, Speech and Hearing Sciences students and newly enrolled OT students.

With the new BSc OT program, currently, there are two OT academic programs in Sri Lanka. The first and the oldest program is the Higher Diploma in OT provided by the School of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy in Colombo. This academic program started in 1976 and WFOT accreditation was received in 1992. The Diploma holders are offered the opportunity to upgrade their Qualification to BSc OT (external) degree since 2011. With the introduction of the BSc full-time program, the entry qualification to practice OT in Sri Lanka would upgrade to the BSc level.

We take this opportunity to thank the executive members of WFOT for their support to upgrade OT education in Sri Lanka. We especially thank all the past presidents and the present president for extending your invaluable support to this endeavour.

Sri Lanka 1 September 2022