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News from Member Organisations March 2023 - Colombia

CCTO welcomes its new Executive Team 2022-2024!

On October 31st, 2022, the Colombian College of Occupational Therapy- CCTO’s Executive Team received the official approval of the minutes of the Ordinary Assembly on September 10th. With this approval, the CCTO welcomed the elected Board of Directors of the CCTO for 2022-2024:

President - Mauricio León Linares

Vicepresident - Martha Liliana Tunjo López

Treasury - Camila Rodríguez Guevara

Secretary - Aida Navas de Serrato

Whistleblower Liaison - Carmen Aleida Fernández Moreno

New Bylaws

On December 5, 2022, the Colombian College of Occupational Therapy- CCTO held an extraordinary assembly to approve the revision of the bylaws of our constitution. This project started in 2020 through a special task force. The new bylaws strengthen the objectives and functions of the CCTO, expand the participation of professionals and students in the multiple CCTO strategies, and, most importantly, allow for greater integration and collective work of occupational therapists from different regions of the country.


We celebrate the book publications of two of our colleagues and invite the worldwide occupational therapy community to check them out!

Pérez Acevedo, Lida Otilia (2022). Ocupación humana: De la matriz colonial moderna hacia la construcción de saberes sociales del Sur. [Human occupation: From the modern colonial matrix to the construction of social knowledge of the South.] Please view here.

Parra Esquivel, Eliana Isabel (2022). Narrativas latinoamericanas sobre la formación en terapia ocupacional. Eliana Isabel Parra Esquivel. [Latin American narratives on occupational therapy training.] Narrativas latinoamericanas sobre la formación en terapia ocupacional (ebook)

In its next issue (scheduled to be published in July 2023), the Colombian Journal of Occupational Therapy: Revista Ocupacion Humana will publish the Spanish and Portuguese translations of the inaugural lecture for the 18th WFOT Congress held in August 2022 in Paris, France. The lecture, presented by Professor Ana Paula Serrata Malfitano, was published in English in the WFOT Bulletin. The translation into Spanish and Portuguese this publication was approved by the publishing house and will be available on Open Access for the international occupational therapy community.