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News from Member Organisations March 2023 - Switzerland

The Swiss Association topic for 2023 is

“Global Perspective-think globally, act locally”

Numerous and very different topics that concern us in occupational therapy will be discussed on different channels over the next months. Global issues such as the climate crisis,wars or pandemics influence activities which have a direct impact on our work.

Measures against shortage of skilled workers:

  • The Universities in Switzerland have increased the study places for Occupational Therapy (Bachelor).
  • ErGo mentoring: This is a program for OT returnees and school leavers, it started in spring 2022. The program is adapted to the individual needs of the person. It includes counselling, coaching at the workplace, peer mentoring, training and giving career advice. The program costs Fr.1000 for each participant. For those who do not find a job, an internship is offered. So far 5 people have taken part in the mentoring and the experiences are being collected.

Quality contract with health insurances:

A quality contract and concept with different types of quality measurements has been negotiated. The negotiation of how this quality contract will be financed is on hold at the moment. Further talks with the health insurances are planned.This contract should have been completed by April 2022. The approval of the Federal Council is still pending for all contracts and the federal government refuses to cover the additional costs. Various other professional associations are currently experiencing the same problems.

National statistics of the health professionals workforce:

After more than 20 years of adovocating, we have finally achieved that the occupational therapist will be explicitally named in the national statitics of the health professionals workforce from 2023. This a professional political success for occupational therapist working in Switzerland.

No change in the tariffs of the OT treatment :

The cost-of-living adjustment is not reflected in the national, outpatient tariffs. The tariffs will not be adjusted, despite the considerable rise in cost of living

Tanya Zimmermann, 2nd Alternate Delegate 19th February 2023 Dulliken / Switzerland