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Disaster Management for Occupational Therapists


WFOT is pleased to announce the newly updated online module with new materials – Disaster Management for Occupational Therapists.

This self-paced programme enhances occupational therapists’ knowledge and skills for tackling complex issues such as disaster response, resilience and disaster risk reduction. Information is provided in innovative ways through real time interactive simulations as well as online documents. Participants will enhance their critical thinking through real life and fictitious problem solving activities.

The module may be viewed on mobile devices making is easier to participate and learn anytime anywhere. A WFOT certificate of participation is offered on completion of the module.

Individual Members

FREE for a limited time only.

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Non WFOT Individual Members

USD $99 enrol at https://dmot.wfot.org

Find out more about Individual Membership https://www.wfot.org/membership/individual-members